Testimonials from previous OpRisk North America events:

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2015 Testimonials:

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  • The OpRisk North America conference hit on key, relevant and timely topics impacting Operational Risk Management. The speakers provided good insight into the assigned discussion topics and it was a perfect forum to expand your network with individuals who share the same interests.
  • High quality displayed among most of the presenters
  • Hopeful future Conferences continue to evolve in line with the industry. Most of the topics covered were helpful and relevant. Continue to keep up!
  • It was a very good conference with timely and important topics well represented.
  • The benchmark Operational Risk conference is still the one to beat I think.
  • Very well-organized Conference with high quality speakers and "on target" presentations. I enjoyed the breadth of topics covered and the focus on Industry best practices.
  • I think this is a very useful conference and very relevant for an Op Risk Manager to attend.
  • It was very well run. The venue was great and the majority of speakers were very good. I enjoyed it immensely.
  • Great experience for my first attendance. The topics were great and I enjoyed the pre-conference workshop on Vendor Risk. The speakers were very relevant and I liked hearing from institutions of different sizes.
  • I thought the forum was excellent from the perspective that it focused on relevant themes that are current today within the Op Risk space. I found it to be an excellent venue to exchange ideas and network with individuals working in the same space at different institutions.
  • Good conference. I will return next year.
  • Great networking event, and learned a lot.

2014 Testimonials

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  • I expect to attend again.
  • Great opportunity to interact with your peers.
  • State of the art industry guidance on Operational Risk Management.
  • This conference included a great assortment of presenters and experienced professionals in the OpRisk area!
  • I felt the program was well organized and topics were very relevant for many levels of operational risk practitioners.
  • I found the conference to be informative and enlightening, creating many follow-up information asks.
  • Impressive gathering of Op Risk professionals in the industry discussing current and evolving operational risk issues.
  • Best one yet.
  • Excellent and better attended and more diverse.
  • This conference put the industry and my position in it into perspective - changed my thinking.
  • It was enlightening get so many different perspectives of how to best communicate the value that operational risk provides the business to achieve their goals.
  • I took something away from every presentation and panel that I attended.
  • It was my first time and thought it was worth the experience and exposure.
  • I found the conference to be very worthwhile - very relevant topics & knowledgeable speakers.
  • Good insights on emerging topics, as well as the opportunity to benchmark against best practices.
  • The Op Risk North America conference is an excellent forum for business control and operational risk professionals to hear from regulators and other financial institutions about one of the industry's greatest concerns - operational risk.
  • Op Risk North America provided an informative and interesting collection of speakers, topics, and industry professionals that made the event valuable to the guests serving in any level of an Operational Risk organization.
  • I find this conference is very informative and most of the speaker did a great job.
  • As a first timer, great conference, great location, excellent speakers.
  • This is my second time attending, and while my firm is not a bank, I nevertheless have found the event very worthwhile and the most relevant to my interests in the operational risk area. Thanks!
  • A good opportunity to absorb current industry trends from both presentations and participants.
  • As a first time attendee I was very impressed with the range of knowledge of the speakers and practicality of the content.
  • The quality of the speakers made the conference enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • Ops Risk at the 10,000 foot level.
  • The conference had great speakers, but it would be helpful to get perspective from industries other than banking.
  • Excellent conference with great engagement across the OpRisk community.
  • OR NA is definitely a worthwhile use of my time.
  • Great network conference to collaborate with industry peers and regulators.
  • The conference went great and met my expectations.

2013 Testimonials

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  • Excellent presenters. The material was relevant and presented in an engaging manner
  • Speakers delivered what was advertised. CRO, Northfield Bank
  • A forum where all major sell side and buy side firms meet, greet and share best practices.
  • The conference provided a valuable overview of the current state and insights on the direction of OpRisk in the US from practitioner and regulatory perspectives.
  • The conference is highly recommended given the importance of the topics covered in the presentations, the deep knowledge of the speakers and the high level of the attendants. It was an excellent opportunity for networking as well as for upgrade on the best international practices on operational risk management.
  • Informative, practical and relevant...it was a great conference!
  • A lot of information with different perspectives that can help you to make a better planification.
  • Excellent panel discussions on thought-provoking, relevant topics facing operational risk managers in this new age of new rules and regulations.
  • Engaging, enlightening and informative. Great opportunity to see what the peer financial institutions are focusing their attention on.
  • Always a good opportunity to meet with other FI's to discuss common challenges we all face and obtain ideas for effective solutions.

2012 Testimonials

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  • This was a very good forum for presenting Operational Risk fundamentals and sharing insights
  • An appropriate range of relevant material on Ops Risk
  • Excellent speakers with global and current topics presented and discussed.
  • Good way to get a sense of where the industry is at and understand Op Risk challenges at other similar institutions.
  • The conference reinforced the growing importance of Risk Management.
  • Excellent opportunity to learn about latest challenges and developments in operational risk management.
  • Very helpful and informative. The place to be to understand what is going on in this segment of the industry.
  • Conference was insightful with respect to the challenges associated with OpsRisk reporting and effective oversight.
  • It was a very interesting forum to network with other OpRisk professionals as well as listen to multiple perspectives about where OpRisk is today.
  • Another excellent event.
  • It was a good primer on current issues in operational risk.
  • Well organized and comprehensive.
  • Interesting topics with top rated speakers.
  • I thought the conference was very well constructed - the presentations addressed a number of significant issues in the industry today.
  • One place to listen to industry progress and challenges in Operational Risk Management discipline.
  • A great place to hear the latest industry direction straight from those setting it.
  • Very insightful, relevant and timely.




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