Testimonials from previous OpRisk North America events:

  • “Excellent presenters. The material was relevant and presented in an engaging manner.” Operational Risk Officer, TD Bank
  • “Speakers delivered what was advertised.” CRO, Northfield Bank
  • “A forum where all major sell side and buy side firms meet, greet and share best practices.” Vice President, Operational Risk, Neuberger Berman
  • “The conference provided a valuable overview of the current state and insights on the direction of OpRisk in the US from practitioner and regulatory perspectives.” SVP, Director of Operational Risk Quantification & Scenario Analysis, RBS Citizens Financial Group
  • “The conference is highly recommended given the importance of the topics covered in the presentations, the deep knowledge of the speakers and the high level of the attendants. It was an excellent opportunity for networking as well as for upgrade on the best international practices on operational risk management.” Manager, Banco de la República - Colombia
  • “Informative, practical and relevant...it was a great conference!” Operational Risk and Internal Control Manager, Butterfield Bank
  • “A lot of information with different perspectives that can help you to make a better planification.” Operational Risk Chief Officer, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
  • “Excellent panel discussions on thought-provoking, relevant topics facing operational risk managers in this new age of new rules and regulations.” Bank Regulatory Advisory, KPMG
  • “Engaging, enlightening and informative. Great opportunity to see what the peer financial institutions are focusing their attention on.” Vice President, Citi
  • “Always a good opportunity to meet with other FI's to discuss common challenges we all face and obtain ideas for effective solutions.” Director, Operational Risk, ATB Financial
  • “This was a very good forum for presenting Operational Risk fundamentals and sharing insights” 2012 conference attendee
  • “An appropriate range of relevant material on Ops Risk” 2012 conference attendee
  • “Excellent speakers with global and current topics presented and discussed.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “Good way to get a sense of where the industry is at and understand Op Risk challenges at other similar institutions.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “The conference reinforced the growing importance of Risk Management.” 2012 conference attendee
  • “Excellent opportunity to learn about latest challenges and developments in operational risk management.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “Very helpful and informative. The place to be to understand what is going on in this segment of the industry.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “Conference was insightful with respect to the challenges associated with OpsRisk reporting and effective oversight.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “It was a very interesting forum to network with other OpRisk professionals as well as listen to multiple perspectives about where OpRisk is today.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “Another excellent event.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “It was a good primer on current issues in operational risk.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • ”Well organized and compreshensive.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “Interesting topics with top rated speakers.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “I thought the conference was very well constructed - the presentations addressed a number of significant issues in the industry today.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “One place to listen to industry progress and challenges in Operational Risk Management discipline.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “A great place to hear the latest industry direction straight from those setting it.” 2012 conference attendee.
  • “Very insightful, relevant and timely.” 2012 conference attendee.



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