Workshop 3

OpRisk North America Workshop 3

OpRisk North America workshop 3

Building and strengthening your conduct and risk culture

March 22nd 2018
Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York




Registration, breakfast and introductions


Getting culture and conduct right - the role of the regulator

  • What do we mean by "conduct" and "culture," and why are we these topics now top-of-mind today?
  • How does the company's interest vary from that of supervisors?
  • Is this the same thing as governance, and if not, what are the differences?
10:00 Morning break and refreshments

How to cultivate a risk intelligent culture

  • Framework for valuating and assessing risk culture 
  • What are we measuring? Is it a global question, or does it vary depending on where in the organization we are looking?

Measurements used and success factor indicators

  • Measurement frameworks used
  • How do we know when there have been improvements?
  • Are quantitative metrics necessary - and how do we make qualitative metrics rigorous?
12:30 Lunch

Understanding internal behavioural patterns

  • Case study
14:30 Afternoon break and refreshments

What's next for conduct and risk culture?

  • Key considerations
  • Need for well-articulated, standard frameworks, for comparison across firms; agreed-upon concepts and objectives central
  • When disagreements occur as to the role and value of managing conduct and culture, how are they best resolved?
16:30 End of workshop


  • Richard Cech, Senior Bank Examiner Op Risk Governance, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK 
  • Gustavo Ortega, Head of Corporate Operational Risk Management, AIG
  • Rajat Baijal, ‎Head of Enterprise Risk, CANTOR FITZGERALD