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Global crisis and technical advancements are revolutionizing the operational risk landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be one of the greatest operational risks yet, having a colossal impact on how we work, communicate, share and consume information. As such, we have hosted two online content series' of interactive webinars, interviews, panel discussions, think tanks and more, dedicated to the unique challenges facing operational risk experts in the current environment.

Gain practical, forward-looking insights and access in-depth analysis on the most compelling challenges facing the industry. You'll benefit from our globally renowned speakers and editorial team who are actively helping banks and buy side firms navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

The Operationally Resilient Organization

The UK regulators have defined operational resilience as the ability of firms and their industry sector(s) as a whole to prevent, adapt, respond, recover, and learn from operational disruptions. This can be broken out into four key practice areas...


10 Essential Steps to Streamline TPRM

Third-party risk management isn’t a new concept, however, recent events have brought the discipline into the forefront like never before. Crucially, when the supply chain is interrupted, or third parties can’t deliver, there can be devastating and long-lasting impacts. Here are 10 essential steps to build a streamlined TPRM program.


OpRisk Webinar Series (August 2020)

Building on the success of our Oprisk Virtual Week hosted back in May, this webinar series provides further analysis on the most compelling challenges facing the industry including cyber risk, crisis management frameworks, regulation and reporting, new norm in banking, mental health in crisis and more.


OpRisk Virtual Week (May 2020)

OpRisk Virtual Week hosted expert insights on the most pressing operational risks from shifting regulation and LIBOR through to resiliency, fincrime and climate risk. Listen in to benefit from our globally renowned analysis helping banks and buy side firms navigate this ever-evolving landscape.


Resilience Playbook

Without a doubt, 2020/2021 has been the most volatile and precarious year in recent history. For the first time, all organisations faced significant challenges to business continuity and felt the immediate impact of decentralisation. Our Resilience Playbook brings together the key insights and practical takeaways from the 2021 OpRisk Global event.