OpRisk Global Webinar Series

OpRisk Global Webinar Series

OpRisk Global Webinar Series

Highlighting the most pressing challenges facing operational risk professionals.

The past 24 months have been anything but typical, with the knock-on effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still being felt. With increasing geopolitical pressures and inflation at its highest since 1981, operational risk teams aren’t only grappling with the great resignation or a decentralised workforces. Coupled with an increasingly stringent regulatory environment spanning cyber incidents, third-party risk management, climate risks and ESG considerations, the operational risk sphere has never been so complex.

TPRM 2.0: building a resilient supply chain

In today’s complex and volatile global markets, third-party relationships can be a source of competitiveness and growth. However, the interconnectedness of today’s environment, also creates new vulnerabilities as even single third-party events can cause significant damage. This executive session looks at how to maintain oversight and controls of third parties in a complex and changing landscape, as well as the future of third-party risk management.

October 11, 2022




Climate risk: the actions FIs need to take now

Climate change has had a clear impact on operational risk, with extreme weather having the potential to close offices or damage crucial resources such as data centres. Yet still, many firms treat climate risks as simply a way to mitigate reputational risks. This group discussion, addresses the challenges of climate risk, and how it is affecting company operations by creating operational, as well as reputational, risks.

October 25, 2022


The great resignation: creating better employee experiences to manage resource risk

The upshot of all leaders is to recruit and retain talent, and create a culture that enables you to continue to do so. However, the great resignation is not just hype. With 73% of leaders citing staff shortages as one of their biggest challenges over the next 12 months, it is important to explore the root causes of this. This executive discussion will cover the great resignation and how the industry can mitigate its effect.

February 2023





AML priorities mandate: demystifying requirements

As the industry waits on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s finalised AML requirements, firms are anticipating significant adjustments. This executive session delves into how AML regulations can improve the supervisory regime in the US.

Detecting and responding to data breaches

Most successful financial institutions are well aware of common data security issues and put a great deal of trust into their own efforts to detect and prevent breaches. This executive session explores the all important first step to take if you suspect a data brief has occurred, and, what can be done to prevent them in the first place.

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