ServiceNow provides cloud-based platforms and solutions that help digitise and unify organisations so they can find smarter, faster and better ways of working, and employees and customers can be more connected, innovative and agile.

As society redefines risk and opportunity, OneTrust empowers tomorrow’s leaders to succeed through trust and impact with the Trust Intelligence Platform. The market-defining Trust Intelligence Platform from OneTrust connects privacy, GRC, ethics, and ESG teams, data, and processes, so all companies can collaborate seamlessly and put trust at the center of their operations and culture by unlocking their value and potential to thrive by doing what’s good for people and the planet.

Fusion Risk Management is a leading industry provider of cloud-based software solutions for operational resilience, encompassing risk management, third-party risk management, information technology and security risk, business continuity and disaster recovery, and crisis and incident management. Its products and services take organizations beyond legacy solutions and empower them to make data-driven decisions with a comprehensive and flexible approach through one system. Fusion and its team of experts are dedicated to helping companies achieve greater operational resilience and mitigate risks within their businesses.

At EY, we share a single focus — to build a better financial services industry, one that is stronger, fairer and more sustainable.

Our strength lies in the proven power of our people and technology, and the possibilities that arise when they converge to reframe the future.

Our professionals are dedicated to the industry, and live and breathe financial services. This deep sector knowledge combined with a holistic point of view, delivers true value from strategy through to implementation. Whether your business challenge is specific, complex, small or large, we can be trusted to deliver solutions that work for today and tomorrow.

By using technology as a tool, to transform what a business can be, and people can do, we are building long-term value for our financial services clients. It is how we play our part in building a better working world.

MSTAR is the first tool specifically designed for operational risk scenario quantification.
The MSTAR approach is based on an analytic decomposition of an expert risk assessment; typically a classical Frequency and Severity rating, into a structured graphical model. Users can use MSTAR's intuitive functionality to share and collaboratively improve the model design. The completed models are then quantified combining internal or external data (backward-looking knowledge) as well as expert judgment (forward-looking knowledge)

  • The MSTAR approach and functionality drives improved risk management behavior, because it:
    • Elicits a deep understanding of the risk and related drivers, 
    • Entails a clear formalization of how these drivers influence the risk level
    • Enhances transparency of assessment process and facilitates review and challenge
  • MSTAR helps all stakeholders understand the process, as they all contribute to the model design and quantification - MSTAR models are the opposite of black boxes.
  • MSTAR increases the chances that the regulator agrees that it is fit for purpose, since it allows a capital calculation which is in line with the business and risk profile of the company.

MSTAR is used by our clients within their regulatory capital and operational risk stress-testing frameworks.
MSTAR is in use within internal models approved by regulators: ACPR (France) & PRA (UK).
For more informations www.elseware.fr

Supply Wisdom’s patented solution is transforming the way supply chain, procurement and third-party risk leaders manage risks and operational resilience.

Supply Wisdom solution delivers continuous third-party and location risk intelligence and risk actions in near real-time across the widest risk aperture to minimize the risks of disruption facing their business, supply chains and third parties. Supply Wisdom’s solution helps procurement, supply chain and operational risk leaders prioritize, move faster, do more with less resources, and act proactively and confidently. ​

MetricStream is the global SaaS leader of Integrated Risk Management and GRC solutions that empower organizations to thrive on risk by accelerating growth via risk-aware decisions. We connect governance, risk management, and compliance across the extended enterprise. Our ConnectedGRC and three product lines – BusinessGRC, CyberGRC, and ESGRC – are based on a single, scalable platform that supports you wherever you are on your GRC journey. Recognized by top industry analysts as a leader in GRC, MetricStream has been helping customers thrive on risk for more than 20 years.

For details please visit: www.metricstream.com

ORX is the largest operational risk management association in the financial services sector. Since 2002, we’ve been developing a global community of financial institutions committed to improving the management and measurement of operational risk.

Owned and driven by our member institutions, we bring together hundreds of operational risk professionals to share their knowledge, expertise and experience in the financial services industry. We are a not-for-profit industry association incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The FAIR Institute is a non-profit organization made up of forward-thinking risk officers, cybersecurity leaders and business executives that operates with a central mission: Establish and promote risk management best practices that empower risk professionals to collaborate with their business partners on achieving the right balance between protecting the organization and running the business. Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIRTM) is the discipline, the framework, and the driver behind our mission.